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LM-4 (diluent) glacial refrigerant
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LM-4 (diluent) glacial refrigerant

Product description

Composition and traits:

LM-4 glacial refrigerant is composed of modified glycol, the main additives include anti-corrosion agent, anti-mold agent, solubilizer, water stabilizer and so on. Appearance is light-colored liquid. Safe, low toxicity, no odor, non-flammable and not volatile. At 20 ℃, the density is 1.105g / cm³, the specific heat is 0.598cal / g · ℃, the viscosity is 12.5mPa · s (cP), and the thermal conductivity is 0.26W / m · K. The boiling point is higher than 150 ℃, the freezing point is lower than -50 ℃, and the flash point is 120 ℃.

Purpose and usage:

LM-4 glacial refrigerant has the advantages of low toxicity, non-flammability, large specific heat, strong cooling capacity and good anti-rust performance. It can be used as an industrial refrigerant in the temperature range of -35 ° C to 150 ° C. When used, it can be used alone according to the process requirements, or mixed with water, ethylene glycol and other traditional refrigerants, diluted to an appropriate concentration and applied. If mixed with traditional refrigerants, an appropriate amount of glacial refrigerant synergist should be added.


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