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Since 1994, we have been focusing on cooling agent anticorrosion and rust prevention for 29 years.


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Glacier Group celebrates the Goddess Festival!

Today is March 8th, 2019 International Women's Day. Everyone is now called the Goddess Day. This festival is a festival established to celebrate the important contributions and great achievements made
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The first employee sports meeting of Binghe Group ended successfully

In order to welcome the Eleventh, celebrate the completion of the company's west factory, and at the same time, in order to further strengthen the construction of corporate culture, enrich employees'
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Xi Jinping emphasized in the theme education summary conference of "Do not forget the original intention and remember the mission", take the theme education as the new starting point, continue to promote the whole party to remember the mission and remember

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 8th: The education summary meeting on the theme of "Do not forget the original intention and remember the mission" was held in Beijing on the 8th. Xi Jinping, Gene
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