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Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences(Hereinafter referred to as "Dalian Chemical Institute") was founded in March 1949, then named "Dalian University Institute of Science", at the end of 1961 was renamed "Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences", in 1970 officially named "Dalian Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences" Institute of Physics ".

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics is a comprehensive research institute with equal emphasis on basic research and applied research, combined with applied research and technological transformation, with task-oriented disciplines as its main features. For more than 70 years, Dalian Chemical Research Institute has gradually formed its own scientific research characteristics through continuous accumulation and adjustment. In 1998, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics became one of the first pilot units of the Knowledge Innovation Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2007, it was approved by the state to build a national laboratory for clean energy. In August 2010, Dalian Chemicals Institute revised its development strategy to "give full play to the comprehensive advantages of the disciplines, strengthen technological integration and innovation, and take sustainable energy research as the leading factor, insisting on optimization of resources and environment The coordinated development of technology and advanced materials innovation has played an irreplaceable role in the national economy and national security, creating a world-class research institute. "

The key subject areas of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics are: catalytic chemistry, engineering chemistry, chemical laser and molecular reaction dynamics, and modern analytical chemistry and biotechnology.


China Aircraft Strength Research InstituteAffiliated to China Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd., within the group referred to as "Aviation Industry Intensity Institute", it is the only aircraft strength research and verification center in China, shouldering the sacred mission of national strength professional research, and representing the country on new research and modified aircraft The function of giving conclusions is one of the indispensable links in the four links of design, manufacture, test and flight test in aircraft development. At the same time, it also provides technical services and product support for aviation, aerospace, weapons, rail transportation and other fields.

Intensity Institute was founded in Yao County, Shaanxi Province in 1965. In 1993, the headquarters was relocated to the Electronic Industrial Park of Xi’an High-tech Zone. In order to adapt to the rapid development of the national aviation industry, Yanliang New District was built in Yanliang National Aviation Industry Base in Xi’an in 2007. The new Shanghai branch was established in Pudong, Shanghai. At present, the operation pattern of "one headquarters, two new districts" has been formed. Xi'an headquarters is the administrative and innovation center, Yanliang New District is the military aircraft research center, and the Shanghai branch is the civil aircraft research center.

Since its establishment, the Institute of Strength has successively undertaken the strength verification of all military and civil aircrafts developed, modified and imported in China. It has completed more than 160 aircraft static / fatigue / vibration tests, more than 2,600 component tests, and component-level tests. More than 3 million pieces; completed the environmental impact tests of various aircraft landing gears, such as the shock and sway vibration, and the full-scale composite material airfoil under the aircraft noise reduction and humid environment; successively undertaken and completed more than 320 industry key points The pre-research project has obtained more than 40 national scientific and technological achievements and more than 350 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievements. In 2007, it won the "May Day Labor Certificate" of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. In 2013 and 2016, it was awarded by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council awarded the title of "Advanced Collective of Central Enterprises". The refrigeration system used in the simulation experiment of the aircraft under low temperature conditions used the "ice refrigerant" refrigerant. The "ice refrigerant" refrigerant was also strictly checked and discussed in layers, and finally obtained the approval of the Institute and made for the aerospace. A little contribution.


Xi'an Aerospace Chemical Power Co., Ltd.It is a state-owned large second-class enterprise. Founded on June 6, 1966, it is the largest and most comprehensive solid rocket engine charging, assembly and testing plant in China, the core plant of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and a military-civilian integration. Of large state-owned enterprises. Shouldering the mission of China's strategy, tactics, development and production of aerospace solid rocket engines

With the development of half a century, the solid rocket motors produced by Xi'an Aerospace Chemical Power Co., Ltd. have formed strategies, tactical models and solid carrier rockets, and cultivated a large number of "star, ship, ammunition, arrow, machine" fields. Application products. The solid engine of Shenzhou escape rescue system produced by the factory charge assembly has participated in eleven unmanned, manned flight and rendezvous and docking tasks, successfully completing the escort mission. The first solid carrier rocket produced in China, the Long March 11 and the civil spaceflight 3 m 2 segment large solid rocket booster engine, promoted the historical expansion of the application of solid power technology to the space field.

The factory has a number of technical research centers such as the National Defense Science and Technology Industry "Solid Propellant Charge Technology Research and Application Center" and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation "Energy Materials Preparation and Loading Process Technology Center". Independently developed LH-5000 three-paddle vertical, LH-2000 multiple specifications solid rocket propellant vertical mixer, high-viscosity liquid material automatic weighing system, explosive powder material automatic screening processing system, horizontal mass center of mass measuring table , Energy-saving aerodynamic heating furnace, high-hardness and brittle material airflow crusher, multi-nozzle viscous liquid material automatic spraying device, oxygen-acetylene ablation test machine, series of caliber corrosion-resistant hose valves and other equipment, widely used in aerospace and aviation , Chemical, electronics, petroleum and other industries. With 4MeV and 15MeV electronic linear accelerators and industrial CT systems, high-precision large-scale mechanical coordinate measuring machines, laser dislocation speckle flaw detectors and other domestic advanced testing equipment, it has developed a national military standard for solid rocket engine combustion chamber industrial CT detection methods. The use of composite solid propellant technology to produce fracturing products for oil fields and top coal products for coal mines has successfully expanded the products to the fields of oil field and coal mine applications.

For 50 years, Xi'an Aerospace Chemical Power Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the value pursuit of "national supremacy, striving for first-class", and vigorously promoted the corporate culture of "safety, excellence, innovation, and dedication". It has 5 experts above provincial and ministerial level who enjoy special government allowance from the State Council, 3 national technical experts, 184 deputy senior technical titles, 24 senior technicians and above, 5 academic technology leaders of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and aerospace fund A large number of senior talents including 9 awards, 12 aerospace technical experts and so on. "Binghe Refrigerant" is fortunate to be a supplier and is proud to be proud of its contribution to China's space industry.

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