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Qiaobo Snow World Indoor Ski HallIt is a sports place in the northern region that can provide four seasons skiing. It is the first sports and leisure theme park in China that features indoor skiing and integrates entertainment, conferences, outreach training and ski sports schools. The snow hall uses snow-making equipment of well-known Canadian manufacturers and international advanced refrigeration technology. In the scorching summer, the snow will still be more than half a meter thick, and the ambient temperature will always be maintained at about minus three degrees to ensure ski enthusiasts. Enjoy the endless fun of skiing in all seasons.

Qiaobo indoor ski hall has a construction area of ​​nearly 40,000 square meters and a daily reception capacity of 3,000 people, including a number of recreational sports such as snowboarding, double boarding and snow playing. The primary track is 200 meters long, 40 meters wide, and the average slope is 8%. The international advanced towing equipment "Magic Carpet" has been introduced to enable junior ski enthusiasts to fully experience the charm of skiing while ensuring safety and convenience; 300 meters in length, 40 meters in width, and an average slope of 17%. Use a towed telescopic pole to climb to the highest point of the ski resort. A thrilling and thrilling feeling emerges, which makes the skiers above the intermediate and high levels addicted; The ski hall also specially designed a children's play paradise for children, so that they can give full play to their lively and naive nature in the fairy tale world of ice and snow. At the same time, the snow hall can also undertake all kinds of competitions and performances. Ice River refrigerant works well in the system, and safety is guaranteed.


Eurojoy (EUROJOY) is an ice and snow-based sports culture industry operator. Its business covers sports management, event operations, event broadcasting, event planning, sports entertainment, cultural entertainment, club management, sports training, equipment and equipment. Wear sports equipment, sports tourism, fitness and entertainment, sports health, sports brokerage, planning and design, technical services, equipment supply, investment and construction, venue operations, artificial intelligence, Internet services, etc. Ouyue is headquartered in Beijing and has established branches in more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide, with a total number of more than 500 employees. Since 2009, Ouyue has invested and operated more than 30 ice skating rinks, ice parks, hockey halls, curling halls, gas film hockey halls, ice and snow carnivals, ice racing venues and other ice and snow projects in China. The company plans to invest, construct, and operate more than 100 ice and snow projects in China in the next five years to achieve the goal of receiving more than 20 million skating customers annually. Ouyue currently operates and manages dozens of skating clubs and ice hockey clubs, and has trained a large number of youth ice and snow reserve talents for the country and society; by organizing skating, ice hockey, curling, skiing, bandy, ice derby, ice racing Ice and snow events, as well as ice and snow tourism, sports training, ice acrobatics, ice performing arts, international exchanges and other activities, develop the sports industry, attract and drive the public to understand ice and snow, love ice and snow, and participate in ice and snow. The Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 has brought great opportunities for the great development and prosperity of the snow sports and sports industries in China. Ouyue will seize the historical opportunity of China's consumption upgrade, commit to serving the public ice and snow, focus on the Chinese sports industry market, and help the Beijing Winter Olympics to achieve the grand goal of "300 million people participating in ice and snow" and "healthy China". Aoyue has invested in Zhuzhou Yunlong Aoyue Snow Park Tourism Comprehensive Development Project, Zhenjiang Aoyue Indoor Ski Hall Snow World and Water Park Tourism Comprehensive Development Project, Qiqihar Aoyue Snow Snow Tourism Comprehensive Development Project, Chongqing Jinfoshan International Ski Resort Tourism Comprehensive A series of large-scale ice, snow sports, tourism, leisure and cultural industry projects, including development projects, have invested more than 10 billion yuan. Aoyue plans to invest in, construct and operate more than 30 ice, snow, sports, tourism and cultural comprehensive development projects in China's first-tier cities and major provincial capital cities, with the ability to receive more than 80 million tourists annually.

In 2019, a project in the north began to use the glacial refrigerant low-temperature model, which has a good operation effect and completely solves the problems of pipeline corrosion and low-temperature environment antifreeze.

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