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Since 1994, we have been focusing on cooling agent anticorrosion and rust prevention for 29 years.


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On December 6, 1994, Guangda Chemical (predecessor of Binghe), which had only three employees, three oil barrels and a loan of 30,000 yuan, carried hopes and dreams.

After more than 20 years of hard work, at present, the Binghe Group with Liaoning Binghe Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. as its parent company owns Binghe Refrigerant Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Binghe Refrigerant Technology (Chaoyang) Co., Ltd., and Chaoyangda Chemical Co., Ltd. Company, Liaoning Binghe Heat Transfer Medium Testing Co., Ltd., Chaoyang Yongsheng Storage Co., Ltd .......

The company takes the Binghe Asset Management Center as its employee shareholding platform and fully implements the equity incentive mechanism. The company's backbone is customer-centric, enterprise-oriented, and Binghe proud. It unites its efforts and continues to build the Binghe brand, forming a deep foundation. Corporate culture, Binghe refrigerants are sold nationwide, firmly occupying the commanding height of the domestic professional refrigerant industry.

Today, the company is taking "Employee Happiness, Evergreen Enterprise, and National Prosperity" as its vision, and "Hundred Years Old Store" as its goal, persevering, working together, and marching towards that beautiful tomorrow!




The company's R & D center belongs to the Liaoning Engineering Technology Center. It has the Liaoning Liquid Heat Transfer Medium Experimental Center and the Glacier Heat Transfer Medium Testing Center. It has the only domestic capability to comprehensively test various physical and chemical indicators of ultra-low temperature heat transfer media. The center has 16 full-time researchers, senior engineers, graduate students, and undergraduates, and 4 part-time professors.

The center is guided by "joint research institutes, attracting excellent talents, developing cutting-edge products, and building high-tech enterprises". It has long-term cooperation with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Huo Yingdong Research Institute, Dalian University of Technology, Lanzhou University of Technology, Chaoyang Teachers College and other institutions of higher learning. Market, active investment, R & D capabilities are increasing day by day.

At present, the center has obtained 8 Chinese invention patents and 5 utility model patents. It undertakes the important task of enterprise product upgrading and is the source of power for the company's development!





The company has more than 30 varieties of three series of glacial refrigerant, lithium ion electrolyte and lithium borate.

The leading product, Glacier Refrigerant, is used in the refrigeration industry and has completely solved the three major problems of traditional refrigerant corrosion equipment, low efficiency and environmental pollution. The product has reached the world's advanced level, and has won the Chinese invention patent, the 2000 provincial science and technology award, the 2005 national key new product, and the 2015 provincial excellent new product first prize.



Glacier series lithium-ion electrolytes belong to the sunrise industry in the new energy field supported by the state. This product has three characteristics of high energy storage, wide temperature range and long life. Widely used in the field of lithium ion battery production such as batteries for electric vehicles.

Lithium borate series products are used as additives for lithium ion electrolyte, which can significantly improve the high temperature, low temperature and cycle performance of the electrolyte, and the technology is at the world's leading level.

At present, the company has more than 2,000 long-term partners including Daqing Petrochemical, Northeast Pharmaceutical, Snow Beer, Tsinghua Tongfang, Shaanxi Aerospace Power and Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.






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Glacier Refrigerant Chinese professional refrigerant inventor and leader
Firmly occupy the commanding heights of the domestic refrigerant market

"Binghe Refrigerant" is a registered trademark of the company and the product brand of the company.

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